Marley's Mile: Amongst the pools is one last piece, of blues, reds, greens and orange. Fairy girls of Mural Dreams bout a mile down the Arkansas-- from a place called Marley's drop-- 
round and round the second hole--- cause before the cement came the color used to POP! Take a picture of the pretty ladies and send it along with your Customer code to get your promo code.

One Way to earn a PROMO Code is to find one of these places, post a pic to our ORC PIC FEED and request a PROMO Code to participating dispensaries (more places to come).

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Dispensaries Coming SOON for APP Discounts:

Pueblo 404 Dispensary

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Buzzing Bee Trail:  
The picture will be of a tree which contains the protected buzzing bees. The spot is near the chess and far from the kids, closer to New Mexico! Between the rose and the asphalt street. Find and send it through the app with your journey Code to qualify for the PROMO Code that activates your GeoRoaching APP PROMO!

GeoRoaching (Our version of GeoCaching) with the ORC!

  • Download the APP  and use the APP to: 
  • EARN a PROMO Code by visiting or GeoCaching one of the ORC journeys below then posting or submitting the pic in the ORC APP (to document your ORC JOURNEY), and finally requesting your PROMO Code that activates your Local Dispensary Rewards Card (sent within 24 hours).